Dwarf forms in barley


WITI~ the object of barley breeding a number of F, plants between Goldenmelon ~ and the Japanese variety called Se/citori were grown in 1914 at the Agricultural Experiment Station, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan. One of these F1 plants was crossed back by Goldenmelon in that year, and a dwarf plant appeared in 1915 among the 96 offspring resulting from this back-cross. As the hereditary behaviour of this dwarf may be of some interest I am going to describe here briMty the results of my investigations. The characters of this plant, together with those of its parents, are as follows: Ooldenmelon SeIctto~% Dwarf plant He lgh l of p lan l ... tall short less than S e k i t o r i Rows ~n ear ... two six two Length of awns ... long short long Time of r ipening ... la~e early la~er ~han in Goldenmelon


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